Research Day 2019

Celebrating the CIP 2019 Research in collaboration with MD/PhD students.

Dr. Joseph Leung


Dr. Ying Wang

Dr. Jessica Liauw

Dr. Neal Shahidi

Dr. Ed Percy

Dr. Hana Mijovic

Dr. Diana Forbes

Dr. Jean Mitchel Lavoie

Dr. Daniel Kwon, MD/PhD

Dr. Nicole Mak

Dr. Andrew Perrin

Dr. Keerit Tauh

Dr. Ed Percy, 2nd Honorable Mention Poster Presentation Winner

Dr, Mary Dunbar, 1st Honorable Mention Poster Presentation Winner

Dr. Jessica Liauw, Best in Poster Presentation Winner

Dr. Matthew Kadatz, 2nd Honorable Oral Presentation Winner

Dr. Keerit Tauh, 1st Honorable Mention Oral Presentation Winner

Dr. Andrew Perrin, Best Oral Presentation Winner

CIP 2019 Graduates and Research Day Attendees