Application Requirements and Forms

1.  A completed UBC CIP Training Module Application Form for the candidate (click here for CIP Training Module Application Form)

2.  A completed CIHR Funding, Academic type CV of the candidate

3.  A completed CIHR Funding, Academic type CV module for your Canadian research supervisor(s), an NIH Biosketch for US research supervisors OR an academic CV for research supervisors other than Canada/US.

  • To obtain a completed CIHR Funding, Academic type CV:

a.  Register with ResearchNet and obtain a  CIHR PIN number
b.  Register with Common CV
c.  Complete a CIHR Funding, Academic type CV. Validate your CIHR PIN. Please note that in order to view/print a PDF of your CV, you will need to click the “submit” button and find the PDF file of your CV under the History tab. We will not accept a “draft” version of your CV.  An additional page or two of your publication list from more than five years may be added.

4.  Letter of support from the candidate’s prospective research supervisor indicating sources of potential and secured operating research funds, training goals and proposed commencement date of research work.

5.  Two referee assessments and/or letters addressing the following areas:

  • How long have you known the candidate
  • Describe the situation(s) in which you have had an opportunity to interact with the candidate (maximum of one paragraph).
  • Provide your perspective on the candidate’s potential to become a highly productive, independent researcher (maximum of one paragraph)
  • Describe evidence that the candidate has demonstrated independence and capacity for critical thought. Related concepts include intellectual curiosity, inventiveness, analytical capacity and leadership (maximum two paragraphs).
  • Describe evidence that the candidate has demonstrated a capacity to pursue knowledge energetically and with clarity of objectives. Related concepts include organization, determination, initiative and patience (maximum of two paragraphs).
  • Describe evidence that the candidate has demonstrated creative thinking. If they have had an opportunity to conduct research, please refer to their creativity in setting research goals, designing experiments, designing new methodologies, interpreting and presenting results in writing (maximum two paragraphs).
  • Your view of the candidate’s most significant achievement (indicate the candidate’s most significant achievement to date. If the candidate has an opportunity to conduct research, you should describe their most significant research contribution.

Referee assessments/letters of support should be addressed to the CIP Selection Committee and sent electronically to, CIP Program Manager by the due date, November 1st. A hard copy is no longer required.

7.  A signed letter from the Department and Division Heads indicating that the department will not offer the candidate job opportunities which will disrupt the residents ability to complete the CIP (Click here for sample letter No_Job_offer_letter_template)

Submission process in the following order:

Candidate’s CIHR CV
Research Supervisor CIHR (or equivalent) CV
Department Head/Division Head letter

The CIP Training Application Module is a web-based form, which when completed along with the required attachments will be sent directly to the program.  Please ensure that you have thoroughly completed and reviewed the CIP Training Application Module by November 1st.  No further changes will be allowed after the deadline.

Submit one (1) PDF copy by due date of November 1st:

Tessa Feuchuk, Program Manager
UBC Clinician Investigator Program