CIP residents can be in any Royal College accredited Department within the Faculty of Medicine. They are registered in their disciplinary program as well as the CIP program and the RCPS specialty program director and the CIP program director jointly report to the RCPS with respect to the content, duration of training and evaluation of individual CIP residents.

Each resident must have a designated research supervisor who is an independent investigator and fulfills the requirements of the faculty CIP Committee and, where appropriate, the graduate school of the university. The research supervisors for residents enrolled in graduate programs must be approved by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. CIP research supervisors must have established research funding, with sufficient funds to allow successful completion of the degree by the resident. They must have established research productivity (manuscripts, abstracts, presentations), an international/national reputation in the field, and experience in supervising graduate students. The supervisor must be working in an established research environment, supportive to clinician investigator training, with a critical mass of associated students, research and technical personnel. The supervisor must agree to adhere to the terms and conditions required by the CIP for resident research training.

In addition, each resident in the CIP must have a research advisory committee that consists of at least three individuals who have expertise in the research area, including one individual who represents the specialty/subspecialty in which the resident is registered that can facilitate clinical/research integration.