A generous philanthropic gift made in 2017 established the UBC Faculty of Medicine Clinician Investigator Scholarship to create more opportunities for UBC’s physicians-in-training to pursue graduate studies. The scholarship will be available to residents entering UBC’s Clinician Investigator Program.

Eligible residents will automatically be considered for this scholarship upon their application to the UBC Clinician Investigator program. No additional application is required.

Details here.

Congratulations to the following fellows!


Dr. Evelyn Wong won the CaMos Fellowship Award for her project “Serum pentosidine levels in women with or without atypical femur fractures:  Developing pentosidine as a bone health biomarker.”

Dr. Denise Jaworsky received the CIHR Fellowship for her project “The integration of spatial and non-spatial factors impacting HIV-related outcomes for people living with HIV in rural and Northern Canada”

Dr. Diana Forbes successfully won the CIHR Frederick Banting & Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship – Master’s Program for her work on “Developing a novel skin substitute to improve healing in chronic and complex wounds”.

Dr. Kristin DeGirolamo was among 8 recipients of the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute Rising Star Award for outstanding contributions to research excellence and service role models.

Congratulations to the 2017 CIP Research Day Oral and Poster Presenters!

Oral/Platform Presentation Winners:

Best Overall – Dr. Daniel Demsey, CIP Fellow

First Honourable Mention – Dr. Torin Glass, CIP Fellow

Second Honourable Mention – Ian Ruiz, Medical Student 2019

Poster Presentation Winners:

Best Overall – Dr. Kevin Hay, CIP Fellow

First Honourable Mention – Dr. Stephano Chang, CIP Fellow

Second Honourable Mention – Dr. Jonathan Loree, CIP Fellow